Altarpieces and organs

Restoration of altarpieces and organs

  • Restauración de retablos
  • The vast majority of organs and altarpieces are wooden polychrome and / or gilded structures, which house paintings on canvas, board and sculptures. Conservation and restoration require teams of restoration painting and sculpture technicians, as well as good carpenters who can address structural problems.

  • Conservation and restoration treatment of sculptures and organs

    • Dismantling the altarpiece or organ (when indispensable)
    • Removing surface dust from the front and back
    • Fungal decontamination treatment
    • Support consolidation
    • Carpentry restoration of structural problems
    • Cleaning polychromy and gilt
    • Structural volumetric repairs
    • Chromatic reintegration of polychrome layer losses
    • Final Protection
    • Assembling of the altarpiece or organ
  • Restauración de órganos