Mural paintings

Restoration of mural paintings

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restoration experts mural paintings:

  •  By its nature,the mural painting is always an integral part of the building that houses it. Therefore, many of the problems affecting the property directly impact on the conservation of paintings. Our expert study “in situ” environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) and possible actions of man (works, cleaning, etc.) That may have adverse effect on the conservation work.

Studying deterioration agents and identifying the technique  and materials of the work are essential to determine the most suitable treatment for conservation and on site restoration.

  • restauración pintura mural
  • Conservation and restoration treatments of mural paintings:

    • Mechanical removal of foriegn concretions .
    • Desalinisation.
    • Consolidation and fixing of different substrates that composing the work.
    • Treatment of cracks, fissures and gaps in substrates.
    • Chromatic reintegration (losses, scratches, wipes, etc..)
    • Final protection.